Annual Awards – 2018

Annual Awards – 2018

Annual Awards – 2018

The winners of the traditional, annual awards of Locomotive Tbilisi were revealed in six nominations.

The Best Footballer of Locomotive 2018

The major prize of the season’s closing evening was awarded to Teimuraz Shonia. 28-year-old midfielder is the best footballer of Locomotive 2018.

Shonia has a debut season in Loco.  He has taken part in 30 matches in Erovnuli Liga and has scored 7 goals.

The Best Young Player of Locomotive 2018

In the given nomination, Zuriko Davitashvili outclassed the competitors. Just like Teimuraz Shonia, he had a debut season in Loco as well.

17-year-old midfielder has held 19 matches in Erovnuli Liga and has scored 3 goals. In addition, Davitashvili was permanently playing in the memberships of the Georgian U17 and U19 teams.

In 2018, he is responsible for the 11 goals in the youth teams.

The Best Goal of Locomotive 2018

The author of the best goal of the year is Luka Kikabidze. In the 14th round of Erovnuli Liga, 23-year-old midfielder has raided the door of the leader of that time and the present champion, Saburtalo,  in a beautiful manoeuvre.

Besides the beauty of the goal, it had a special meaning as well in terms of the tournament, as by Kikabidze’s goal, Locomotive gained a point against the leader of the competition.

The Best Coach of Locomotive 2018

Suliko Davitashvili, who has been guiding the U19 team of Locomotive from the very beginning of the year, has become the author of the most important victory in the history of Loco’s Academy.

Under his guidance, the squad of Loco’s academy has held the B group of U19 Liga and then Golden Liga without a loss and thus has become the champion of the country.

The 2018 statistics of Loco’s U19 team is breathtaking. Davitashvili’s team has participated in 28 matches and has scored 139 goals, which is the best result of the season.

The Best Academy Footballer of Locomotive 2018

Revaz Injgia came to be the best in the given nomination. Through the whole year, Injgia had been the unchangeable footballer in U19 team. He has scored 28 goals in the membership of the academy’s squad and thus has become the top scorer of the team.

Injgia has taken part in 17 matches of Erovnuli Liga as well. One goal is on his account, which he scored on November 25th, against Sioni Bolnisi.

Injgia systematically plays in different age groups of Georgia. He is a member of U19 team for now.

The Most Important Goal of Locomotive 2018

The matches professionally played against the direct rival, Dinamo Tbilisi, have contributed a lot for U19 team of academy in becoming a champion. The score gained while being the guest team is of foremost importance. In fact, this was the time when the faith of the champion 2018 was decided.

On October 20th, Locomotive tended to lose with a minimal score in Vitali Daraselia Academy, when Aleksandre Andronikashvili scored a very beautiful goal with a distant shot at the 84th minute and thus fixed the final result.

It worths mentioning that in addition to the goal against Dinamo, Andronikashvili is the author of 8 more goals in 2018. 19-year-old defender was also invited to the Georgian Uner 21 team in November.

In the last two rounds of Erovnuli Liga, competing with Dila Gori and Rustavi, Andronikashvili played without being substituted.

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