Giorgi Kipiani: The main goal of the team will be to stay in the “European zone”

Giorgi Kipiani: The main goal of the team will be to stay in the “European zone”

Giorgi Kipiani: The main goal of the team will be to stay in the “European zone”

The pandemic of the Coronavirus has significantly affected the sporting and financial activities of football clubs. During a forced pause, everyone tries to use this time productively. Football activities are a dynamic process and "Locomotive" is trying not to slow down and meet the renewal of the championship well-prepared.



Giorgi Kipiani, Technical Director of “Locomotive”, talks to us about the challenges facing the club, how the preparation process is going, what the main goal of the team will be and what processes are going on in our academy.



Considering the current situation, what challenges is the club facing and what does management see as the solution?

We have nothing left but to adapt to reality; maximize our chances in the existing environment and plan both sports and administrative processes. And we have to do it efficiently, because then, when the championship is renewed and we return to the usual rhythm of life and work, we will be able to be effectively involved in the process.

As for our big challenge - to play in the UEFA Europa League qualifiers, according to the latest UEFA report, instead of July, the tournament will start in August and therefore, this is what we are aiming at.



What is the virtual life of football like?

So to speak, virtual life has become a necessity today. It was a psychological and physical shock for the players to go on such a long pause. Therefore, we decided to offer the most "enriched" plan for our team. We manage to train twice. Players have individual programs that are monitored by coaches.



You might be surprised but it has many good sides too. We were not able to work on many of the features we're focusing on right now, and we're developing players with a specific profile. We believe that with this method we will meet the renewal of the championship with one hundred percent readiness.



What will be the main goal of “Locomotive” by the end of this year?

Undoubtedly, by the end of the year, the team's main goal will be to repeat the result of 2019 - to stay in the European zone.



However, we will first try to get as far away as possible and play before playoffs during qualifiers this year, but if we get there, the fact is that we will have to fight against a very strong team. I think it is wrong to make inappropriate ambitious statements, and in spite of everything, we will all venture to win all the games and defend the name and values of the team with dignity.



In general, it is a difficult way to go and we should try to make use of the most of the resources that the club will have at that moment. That is our task.



What will be the agenda of the “Locomotive” Academy after the end of the pandemic?

Like the first team, the academy players continue to train; Of course, under the supervision of coaches. Naturally, lower age groups have less workload. In case of older ages, online exercises are monitored.



Here, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and joy to the people who are in our team today, for continuing their work with quality and dedication. I think that is what will be crucial for the future of the club.                                  

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