Locomotive 1-3 Dila

Locomotive 1-3 Dila

Locomotive 1-3 Dila

In the 8th round of Erovnuli Liga, Locomotive Tbilisi lost the match aganst Dila Gori. On April 26, the clash at Mikheil Meskhi spare stadium was won by the guest team 1-3.

The score was opened at the 19th minute by the striker of Dila, Leandro Ribeiro. At the 30th minute, Alvin Fortes netted the second goal against Locomotive.

At the end of the half, Loco scored one ball. 11 meter kick was performed accurately by Roman Chanturia. The team of Locomotive won a penalty after the captain, Davit Ubilava, made his effort.

Lasha Chaghiashvili started the second round with a supstitution. Instead of Otar Kobakhidze, Lasha Gvalia entered the field. Soon after, Torike Dzebniauri was substituted by Teimuraz Shonia, and Vato Arvaldze – by Luka Kikabidze.

Locomotive was given three good chances to equalize the score. Roman Chanturia could have performed double, but his distant shot hit the post. Luka Kikabidze and Mamia Gavashelishvili were outclassed by the goalkeeper of the guest team.

It worths pointing out that the match against Dila was the 100th in number for Gavashelishvili, wearing Loco’s shirt.

The final score of the match was fixed at the 61st minute with a 11 meter kick by Ribeiro.

After 8 rounds, Loco takes the last position with 4 points. The following match is planned against Rustavi on May 2.

Locomotive: Tevdoradze,, Ubilava (c), Tsnobiladze, Lobzhanidze, Gabadze, Samurkasovi, Dzebniauri (Shonia 64), Kobakhidze (Gvalia 46), Arveladze (Kikabidze 65), Gavashelishvili, R. Chanturia
Head Coach: Lasha Chaghiashvili

Yellow Card: Gvalia (49), Samurkasovi (55), R. Chanturia (72)
Head Referee: Papuna Macharadze

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