Locomotive beats Chikhura Sachkhere

Locomotive beats Chikhura Sachkhere

Locomotive beats Chikhura Sachkhere

Locomotive Tbilisi gained victory over Chikhura Sachkhere. On August 25, in the 22nd round of Erovnuli Liga, Lasha Chaghiashvili’s team won 3-2.


The match against Chikhura Sachkhere was missed by the Loco’s top scorer, Mamia Gavashelishvili and Rati Ardazishvili due to their injuries.


Revaz Tevdoradze came back to the main composition, substituting Luka Sherozia. Giorgi Gabadze is back to starting membership as well. He has missed the match against Dinamo due to his disqualification.


The score was opened already in the debut of the match at Mikheil Meskhi spare stadium. At the 8th minute, Otar Kobakhidze promoted Loco. Passing a ball from the corner, Ucha Lobzhanidze played accurately in the penalty area as he found Kobakhidze in a good position, and Loco’s number 99, in his turn, scored a very beautiful goal with one touch.


At the 41st minute Giorgi Gabedava equalized the score. The top scorer of Erovnuli Liga raided Tevdoradze’s door with a penalty kick. After the first half, Zuriko Davitashvili was replaced by Davit Samurkasovi.


The second half started with Loco’s superiority. At the 54th minute Kobakhidze performed double after a beautiful shot, having Gabadze as the author of the goal-scoring pass.


Loco was given many other chances to score. Samurkasovi and Kobakhidze were very close to the target. At the 77th minute, after a good counter attack, Davit Jikia netted the third goal. The goal-scoring pass was made by Revaz Injgia, having entered the field through substitution.


After the goal, Injgia could have performed double soon, however, he was outclassed by the keeper of  the guest team. Injgia was not able to benefit from the real scoring moment, his shot missed the target with a short distance.


At the 87th minute, the guest team broke one goal. Tevdoradze was netted by Kakha Kakhabrishvili while fixing the final result of the match.


After 22 rounds, Locomotive occupies the 6th place with 25 points. In the following match Loco will be visiting Saburtalo. Tbilisi Derby will be held on August 31, at Mikheil Meskhi spare stadium, at 20:00.


Locomotive: Tevdoradze, Ubilava ©, Lobzhanidze, N. Chanturia, Gabadze, Shonia, Gvalia, Kobakhidze, Davitashvili, Samurkasovi (46), Kikabidze (Injgia 70), Jikia (Komakhidze 88)

Head Coach: Lasha Chaghiashvili

Referee: B. Ninua

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