Locomotive being defeated in the last minute against Dila

Locomotive being defeated in the last minute against Dila

Locomotive being defeated in the last minute against Dila

In the 17th round of Erovnuli Liga, Locomotive Tbilisi was defeated in the match against Dila Gori. On June 27, the clash at Tengiz Burjanadze stadium ended with the advantage of the host team 3-2.

Loco won the first half with Mamia Gavashelishvili’s goal. At the 10th minute, after playing on the corner,  Luka Kikabidze passed the ball near the distant post in the penalty area, where Tornike Dzebniauri changed the direction of the ball while making a scoring pass to Mamia Gavashelishvili. Mamia scored a header.

In the first half Davit Jikia had two chances to score. In the first case he was outclassed by the goalkeeper of the host team, while in the second case his shot turned out to be inaccurate.

Jiqia had one more scoring moment in the debut of the second half, however, Loco’s forward missed the target again. At the 58th minute, the hosts equalized the score. Mykola Kovtalyuk was the one who reestablished the balance.

Loco managed to gain advantage soon after, at the 61st minute, after Luka Kikabidze’s pass, Mamia Gavashelishvili performed double.

At the 75th minute, the head referee, Arsen Nonikashvili, signaled a penalty kick in Loco’s door. A 11 meter kick was accurately performed by Leandro Ribeiro.

The last minutes of the match turned out to be quite dramatic. Levan Kenia’s appearance on th field resulted in much more severe attacks on the side of Loco. 27 years old midfielder intensified the game in some of the episodes. At the 92nd minute he was fouled by Gia Chaduneli, who was sent off the field afterwards by the referee, followed by signaling a penalty kick in Dila’s gate.

The penalty was performed by Kenia, which was repelled by the keeper of Dila, although, Nika Chanturia outclassed everyone on addition and scored. The referee signaled offside and canceled the goal. In the counterattack Kovtalyuki performed double and thus fixed the final result.

After 17 rounds, Locomotive has 18 points and takes the 6th position. Te following match of Lasha Chaghiashvili’s team is due June 5, against Rustavi.

Locomotive: Sherozia, Ubilava (c), Kurdadze, N. Chanturia, Gabadze, Samurkasovi, Dzebniauri, Kikabidze (Ardazishvili 62), Kobakhidze (Kenia 80), Gavashelishvili, Jikia (Komakhidze 65)
Head Coach: Lasha Chaghiashvili

Yellow Card: Dzebniauri (58), Samurkasovi  (74), Komakhidze (88)
Referee: Arsen Nonikashvili

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