Locomotive loses the match in Kutaisi

Locomotive loses the match in Kutaisi

Locomotive loses the match in Kutaisi

In the 31st round of Erovnuli Liga, Locomotive was defeated by Torpedo Kutaisi. On October 23, the match at Ramaz Shengelia stadium ended 4:2.

Locomotive lacked many players while competing with Kutaisi.

7 injured (BeKa Kurdadze, Teimuraz Ghonghadze, Giorgi Rekhviashvili, Irakli Komakhidze, Gega Diasamidze, Vato Arveladze and Mamia Gavashelishvili) and 2 disqualified(Davit Samurkasovi and Nika Chanturia) footballers have missed the match.

After the previous opposition, the head coach of the team made some changes within the main membership. Revaz Tevdoradze regained his position as a goalkeeper, as for Levan Qurdadze, he has performed himself as a supporting midfielder without a substitution. Giorgi Gorozia was sent back to the main membership.

In the debut of the match Loco was given a chance to score. Having received the pass from Giorgi Gorozia, Giorgi Gabadze was struggling to open the score, but his ball missed the target with a short distance.

On the 9th minute, Locomotive gained an advanced position thanks to Irakli Sikharulidze. The combination performed by Giorgi Gorozia, Nodar Qavtaradze and Giorgi Gabadze was crowned with a goal by a top scorer of Erovnuli Liga. Totally, Irakli Sikharulidze has scored 25 goals in Erovnuli Liga.

On 12th minute the host team had a chance to score. Tornike Kapanadze’s corner kick was repelled by Revaz Tevdoradze.

On 27th minute, Locomotive created one more goal-scoring moment. Irakli Sikharulidze won the battle in the centre of the stadium, the ball was passed to Giorgi Gorozia, whose ricochet kick missed the target slightly and the ball went over the goal line.

On the 30th minute, Tevdoradze succeeded to save his team once more. For this time, he repelled a header by Giorgi Beriashvili.

In the last minute of the first half, Sikharulidze could have performed the double. After getting the pass from Kavtaradze, Loco’s forward was trying to score from the right corner in the penalty area, but his shot missed the target slightly.

The host team managed to equalize the score on the 47th minute. Revaz Tevdoradze’s gate was raided with a header by Tornike Kapanadze. Before that, Loco’s goalkeeper repelled quite a strong shot, Kukhianidze outclassed.

On 54th minute, Gorozia had a chance to promote his team. Being in a penalty area, he was given a good pass from the right wing by Giorgi Gabadze, although Gorozia’s kick was inaccurate.

Just in a minute, Gorozia still managed to score. Loco’s number 23 attacked Roin Kvaskhvadze’s gate with a strong kick. Irakli Sikharulidze passed the goal-scoring ball.

On 57th minute, Sikharulidze could perform double. After getting the ball from Kavtaradze, Loco’s forward was left face to face with a goalkeeper, but he could not kick good enough to outclass Kvaskhvadze.

On 61st minute, Giorgi Devdarianimade a forced substitution. Giorgi Gabadze, who was not feeling well, was substituted by Revaz Chiteishvili.

On 73rd minute, the host team succeeded once more to equalize the score. The goal was scored with a penalty kick by Shota Babunashvili, being on the field through a substitution.

On 77th minute, Tevdoradze saved Loco in two moments. He successfully repelled Babunashvili’s kick from the penalty area, and then, Kapanadze’s attempt.

A decisive goal was score by Tornike Kapanadze on 85th minute. In the penalty area, a forward of the host team outclassed Loco’s defenders, getting in first. During the compensated time by the referee, Giorgi Kukhianidze netted the 4th goal in Loco’s gate and thus fixed the final result of the game.

After 31 tours, Loco has 49 points and occupies the 5th position. Loco will have the following match against Kolkheti 1913. The match will take place at Mikheil Meskhi spare stadium, on October 29, at 13:00. Live broadcasting will be presented by Silk Universal.

Tevdoradze, Gabadze (Chiteishvili 73), Kobakhidze, Khidesheli, Ubilava ©, L. Kurdadze, Andronikashvili (Vardzelashvili53), Gvalia, Kavtaradze, Gorozia (Gabrichidze 79), Sikharulidze

Head Coach: Giorgi Devdariani

Yellow Card: Gorozia (45+2)

Referee: Jeneri Khorava.

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