Locomotive occupying the 6th place finishes Erovnuli Liga

Locomotive occupying the 6th place finishes Erovnuli Liga

Locomotive occupying the 6th place finishes Erovnuli Liga

In the last 36th round of Erovnuli Liga Locomotive Tbilisi lost the match against Chikura Sachkhere. On November 26, the clash at Davit Petriashvili stadium was won by the host team with a minimal score.

Before the beginning of the match, Locomotive’s sports director, Tamaz Bokeria gave a symbolic gift to Giorgi Gabadze, a T-shirt with squad number 100. In the last tour, 22 years old defender, wearing our club’s T-shirt, played in the 100th match competing with Samtredia.

The clash between Locomotive and Chikhura started with a moment of silence. On November 24th, 11 people became victims of the fire which had broken out in Hotel Leogrand, Batumi. The teams played tribute to the dead.

Giorgi Devdariani made some substitutions in the main membership because of the personnel associated problems. David Kikalishvili held a debut match, who has substituted the injured Giorgi Gabadze. Kikalishvili takes the position of right wing defender and he is a member of Locomotive U19 squad.

The first half seemed to be a bit monotonous, the teams did not really create any goal-scoring moments.

Devdariani started the second half with a substitution. One more debutant of Locomotive, Giorgi Tsuleiskiri substituted Giorgi Gorozia. Just like Kikalishvili, Tsuleiskiri is also a footballer of Loco’s academy. he plays in the membership of Loco 2 and U19.

On 48th minute the score was opened by the host team. Revaz Tevdoradze’s gate was raided by Mikheil Sardalishvili.

On 65th minute, Vato Arveladze had a chance to equalize the score after receiving the pass from Tsuleiskiri, but the kick by a forward was not successful.

On 77th minute, Nodar Kavtaradze as trying to score with a penalty kick, ut he was outclassed by the goalkeeper of the host team, Dino Hamzich.

A debutant Giorgi Tsuleiskiri was able to equalize the score on 84th minute, Hamzich was accurate in this case as well and thus repelled the corner kick.

In the 36th round of Erovnuli Liga, Locomotive has gathered 53 points and finished the championship by taking the 6th position.

Locomotive:Tevdoradze, Kikalishvili, Kobakhidze, Rekhviashvili, Ubilava (c), Samurkasov (Gvalia), Andronikashvili, Gorozia (Tsuleiskiri 46), Kavtaradze, Kikabidze (Vardzelashvili 59), Arveladze
Head Coach: Giorgi Devdariani

Yellow Card: Kikalishvili (50), Kobakhidze (54)
Referee: Giorgi Avazashvili

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