Loss with the Leader of Erovnuli Liga

Loss with the Leader of Erovnuli Liga

Loss with the Leader of Erovnuli Liga

In the 23rd round of Erovnuli Liga, Locomotive Tbilisi has been defeated by the leader of the competition, Saburtalo. On August 31st, the match at Mikheil Meskhi stadium ended in favor of the hosts 2-1.

At the 27th minute, Locomotive became promoted by Ucha Lobzhanidze. Following the corner kick by Zuriko Davitashvili, Loco’s defender outclassed everyone in the penalty area, scoring his debut goal with the T-shirt of our club.

Just before the goal Loco has been saved in two of the episodes by Revaz Tevdoradze. During the shots by Giorgi Diasamidze and Giorgi Kokhreidze, Tevdoradze played accurately.

At the 41st minute, due to Giorgi Kokhreidze’s knocking down, the referee of the match signaled the 11 meter kick. The penalty kick was accurately performed by Kokhreidze and thus equalized the score.

In the second half, Loco could have advanced its position, however, Otar Kobakhidze and Davitashvili lacked accuracy in the last moment.

At the 80th minute, David Volkov came first on the ball repelled and thus scored the winning goal.

After 23 rounds, Locomotive possess 25 points, occupying the 6th place. Lasha Chaghiashvili’s team will hold the following match against Sioni Bolnisi only after the team pause.

Locomotive:  Tevdoradze, Ubilava ©, Lobzhanidze, N. Chanturia, Gabadze, Gvalia (Dzebniauri 67), Samurkasovi (Injgia 60), Kobakhidze, Davitashvili, Jikia (Ardazishvili 83),
Head Coach: Lasha Chaghiashvili

Yellow Card: Samurkasovi (58), Lobzhanidze (88)
Referee: G. Kruashvili

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