Tbilisi to be red this time

Tbilisi to be red this time

Tbilisi to be red this time

In the 13th round of Crystalbet Erovnuli Liga a city derby has been held at “Dinamo Arena” between “Dinamo” and “Lokomotive”. In the clash Levan Korghaidze’s team came to be the winners.

Locomotive held a prominent match, he played swiftly throughout the whole meeting and outstripped the rivals with their physical readiness. In most of the episodes of the match, Locomotive possessed superiority, moved quickly from defence to strike and did not let the rival control the ball.

At the 24th minute, after Davit Samurkasovi’s accurate pass Samurkasovi found himself in a favorable position. The goalkeeper of Dinamo, Sikach, slipped and thus the midfielder of Loco netted in the empty door. Dinamo did not have a chance to respond during the first half.

After renewing the second half, Dinamo went on attack, although dangerous moments never really came. The score was opened by Nika Ninua with a penalty kick.

Levan Koralidze gave a chance to Revaz Injgia to get back to the field after a long pause. The young coach made a right choice, first, Injgia created a goal-scoring moment, but did not succeed to score, then, soon enough after this moment, he received a pass from Davit Samurkasovi in the penalty area and thus promoted Loco once again. Injgia also took part in scoring the third goal, this time he let Sikharulidze score a pass. This meant important 3 points for Locomotive.

Lokomotive: Buliskeria, Ubilava, Chanturia, Gureshidze, Komakhidze, Shonia, Dzebniauri, Kirkitadze, Samurkasovi, Kobakhidze, Sikharulidze
Substitutes: Injgia, Jiqia, Gvalia

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