Cup of Georgia - Dramatic Derby ends with a Victory of Dinamo

Cup of Georgia  - Dramatic Derby ends with a Victory of Dinamo

Cup of Georgia - Dramatic Derby ends with a Victory of Dinamo

At the 1/16 final stage of Davit Kipiani Cup of Georgia Locomotive has been defeated in a dramatic match against Dinamo. Dinamo won the next stage in the penalty series.

The supporters, having gathered at Mikheil Meski spare stadium, have witnessed 8 goals witin the main and extra time.

Dinamo won the first half 0-2. Loco could have scored in some of the episodes, although Mamia Gavashelishvili, Davit Jikia and Luka Kikabidze missed their target.

In the debut of the second half, Luka Kikabidze had one ball. Loco’s striker scored a beautiful goal from the right wing. It worths mentioning that Luka Kikabidze managed to show himself in three consecutive matches.

After Luka’s goal, Locomotive gained the advantage, which was revealed in some dangerous moments. Gavashelishvili, Jiqia and Kobakhidze missed their chances to score in several consecutive episodes. The goalkeeper played accurately at times, and in the rest of the cases the footballers missed their target.

At the 65th minute, Kikabidze was substituted by Rati Ardazishvili. Loco’s number 98 took the central position. In about 10 minutes, Tornike Dzebniauri was substituted by Davit Samurkasovi, who had not played in the previous two  matches due to his trauma.

At the 83rd minute Ardazishvili equalized the score. After the distant shot by Lasha Gvalia, having entered the field through substitution, Rati changed the direction of the ball and scored his first goal in the current season.

One minute before finishing the match, Dinamo’s captain, Otar Kiteishvili advanced his team. During the compensated time by the referee Mamia Gavashelishvili restored equilibrium once more and took the match in the extra time.

In the first additional half, Tamaz Babunadze advanced Dinamo. Within the compensated time Razi Ardazishvili scored a wonderful goal with a penalty kick and thus spinned the match around again.

In penalty series, Dinamo footballers performed all the shots accurately. Out of Loco’s composition Nika Chanturia was the only one who became the author of an inaccurate hit. Eventually, Dinamo won the 1/8 final tour.

Locomotive: Sherozia, Ubilava (c), Lobzhanidze N. Chanturia, Gabadze, Tsnobiladze (Gvalia 46), Dzebniauri (Samurkasovi 76), Kikabidze (Ardazishvili 65), Kobakhidze, Gavashelishvili, Jikia (Komakhidze 105)
Head Coach: Lasha Chaghiashvili

Yellow Card: Gabadze (29), Chanturia (90+2), Samurkasovi (95), Ubilava (100), Kobakhidze (105+1), Gavashelishvili (116)
Referee: Giorgi Vadachkoria

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