Erovnuli Liga: Samtredia 1-1 Locomotive

Erovnuli Liga: Samtredia 1-1 Locomotive

Erovnuli Liga: Samtredia 1-1 Locomotive

In the 10th round of Erovnuli Liga, Locomotive Tbilisi got a point, visiting Samtredia. On May 6, the match at Evgrapi Shevardnadze stadium, in Lanchkhuti, ended 1-1.

The first half of the match ended without any real goal-scoring moments. In the debut of the second half, Locomotive could have opened the score, but Mamia Gavashelishvili’s kick turned out to be inaccurate.

At the 58th minute, the host team opened the score. Givi Qarquzashvili passed a penalty from his side directly to Loco’s penalty area. After an inaccurate action by Ucha Lobzhanidze, Zaur Khabeishvili took an advantage and netted against Revaz Tevdoradze from close distance.

At the 68th minute, Locomotive were left on the field with only 10 footballers. The referee of the match sent off Teimuraz Ghonghadze.

Lasha Chaghiashvili substituted Roman Chanturia with Giorgi Gabadze, who then occupied Ghonghadze’s position.

Approximately in 10 minutes, Davit Jiqia, who had entered the field through substitution, passed a corner kick. After Nika Chanturia’s effort, Givi Karkuzashvili broke the ball into his own gate, 1-1.

Locomotive could have won the match, although, Gavashelishvili, being face to face with a goalkeeper, missed the target.

After 10 rounds, Loco takes the last place with 5 points. In the following match, Chaghiashvili’s team will compete with Dinamo Tbilisi. Tbilisi Derby will take place on May 13, at Dinamo Arena, at 16:00.

Locomotive: Tevdoradze, Ubilava (c), Lobzhanidze, N. Chanturia, Ghonghadze, Samurkasovi (Jiqia 75), Dzebniauri, Shonia, Kobakhidze (Tsnobiladze 86), Gavashelishvili, R. Chanturia (Gabadze 69)
Head Coach: Lasha Chaghiashvili

Yellow Card: Shonia (33), Ghonghadze (67,68), Dzebniauri (89)
Red Card: Ghonghadze (68)
Referee: Davit Kharitonashvili

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