Last Match of Second Circle: Locomotive 1-1 Rustavi

Last Match of Second Circle: Locomotive 1-1 Rustavi

Last Match of Second Circle: Locomotive 1-1 Rustavi

In the 18th round of Erovnuli Liga, Locomotive Tbilisi competed with Rustavi. The last match of the second circle, which took place on July 5, ended 1-1 at Mikheil Meskhi spare stadium.

Due to the disqualification, Davit Samurkasovi was not able to help Loco. As for Rati Ardazishvili, he got a micro trauma during the pre-match training.

In the first half, the host team maintained superiority on the field, however, Locomotive managed to create two goal-scoring moments. Davit Jiqia and Mamia Gavashelshvili missed their chances to score, as both of Loco’s forwards were outclassed by Koka Sefiashvili.

At the 45th minute, Rustavi opened the score. Data Sichinava netted from the penalty line. In the second half  Loco were at an advantage. Lasha Gvalia attempted to score a distant shot, but Sefiashvili outclassed him and repelled the ball at a corner.

At the 61st minute, Levan Kenia was engaged in the match. 27 years old midfielder substituted Davit Jiqia.

At the 68th minute, after the pass from Giorgi Gabadze, Mamia Gavashelishvili played accurately in the penalty area and thus equalized the score.

After the goal, Mamia could have performed double as well. With a one touch pass, Levan Kenia left the Loco’s forward face to face with the goalkeeper, although Gavashelishvili kicked inaccurately and was not able to benefit from the real moment.

Despite the superior position on the field, Lasha Chaghashvili’s team could not score more goals. After 18 rounds, Loco possess 19 points and occupy the 7th position.

There is a month long pause in Erovnuli Liga. The championship will be renewed on August 3. On their own field, Locomotive will be competing with Samtredia.

Locomotive: Sherozia, Ubilava (c), Kurdadze, N. Chanturia, Gabadze, Dzebniauri (Tsnobiladze 87), Gvalia, Kikabidze (Komakhidze 67), Kobakhidzee, Gavashelishvili, Jikia (Kenia 61)
Head Coach: Lasha Chaghiashvili

Yellow Card: N. Chanturia (40), Ubilava (64), Dzebniauri (66), Kurdadze (90+3)
Referee: Giorgi Kikacheishvili

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