Locomotive triumphs in Bolnisi – Europa League is now real

Locomotive triumphs in Bolnisi – Europa League is now real

Locomotive triumphs in Bolnisi – Europa League is now real

Just before the last match of Crystalbet Erovnuli Liga 2019, “Locomotive” have eventually finished the job “delayed” for several times and, consequently, our team are going to enjoy their participation in the qualifying episode of UEFA Europa League in the following season!


A young specialist – Levan Korghalidze, after a 11-year pause, has finally succeeded to lead the Tbilisian club back on Euro arena.


 Before the 35th round, it was still a questionable issue whether “Locomotive” would keep their 4th place on a league table. “Chikhura” Sachkhere were their immediate runner-ups. Losing the match against them was the fact which complicated things for the Tbilisians.


However, from the very first minutes competing with “Sioni”, it became quite obvious that the fortune was on “Locomotive’s” side on this day. Levan Korghalidze’s team looked absolutely fit in the first half, and this was reflected on the score as well. First, it was the captain of the team – David Ubilava, who promoted the team; 6 minutes after his goal, Irakli Sikharulidze increased the advantage of his team up to two with a header.


“Locomotive” created a plenty of goal-scoring moments, however, it was unfortunate that our team lacked accuracy in the decisive moment. The situation got tensed several times on the field and it lead to a little disagreement between the rivals. The players of the host team had difficulty holding back their emotions as the match was of great importance to them as well.


The head coach of “Locomotive” – Levan Korghalidze had to watch the play from the tribune due to his disqualification.


“I found it really hard to watch my team play from the tribune; a way harder than standing down there. I congratulate my players on this great success, they absolutely deserved it. We are about to have a Cup final soon, so we are going to get ready for that diligently”- claimed Levan Korghalidze after the match.




Sioni 1:2 Locomotive

Locomotive: Sherozia, Gureshidze, Chanturia, Komakhidze, Ubilava ©, Shonia, Dartsmelia (Jiqia 89), Samurkasovi (Gvalia 73), D. Kirkitadze (Andronikashvili 90+6), T. Kirkitadze, Sikharulidze.

Scorings: Ubilava (20), SIkharulidze (26)

Head Coach- Levan Korghalidze

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