Defeat with Dinamo Tbilisi

Defeat with Dinamo Tbilisi

Defeat with Dinamo Tbilisi

The postponed match of the 13th round of the Crystalbet Erovnuli Liga was held on November 8 at Mikheil Meskhi 2 where Locomotive hosted Dinamo Tbilisi.



Due to injuries, Davit Samurkasov and Nika Chanturia could not help Locomotive. Giorgi Mamardashvili and Nika Sandokhadze could not play due to the lease rule, as both of players are owned by Dinamo.



The match had great practical significance for both teams. Consequently, in the initial minutes, the players avoided taking unnecessary risks. Beka Dartsmelia scored for the first time in the 11th minute, when he effectively turned around the penalty line and left the guard. However, the blow of Loco's support was weak and fell directly into Kvaskhvadze's hands. The next 10-minute section was already held with the advantage of the guests. The locomotive players had a hard time getting the ball into the attack and the game was mostly played in the host’s half.



In the last 15 minutes of the half, the locomotive looked much better. Chiabrishvili's players have been preparing for positional attacks for a long time, however, it did not happen until the real dangerous moments. At the 43rd minute, Dinamo Kvaskhvadze's unsparing game saved him. Irakli Sikharulidze, the technically shot goalkeeper of Dinamo, repelled the corner. In the first half, it was the last dangerous moment and after an extra minute, the referee let the teams go for a break.



At the beginning of the second half, Tornike Kirkitadze left behind everyone on the wing and stayed one-on-one with the goalkeeper, however, an accurate shot from a sharp angle failed and Kvaskhvadze repelled the ball.


At the 70th minute, after the corner provided by Imran, Irakli Sikharulidze hit the ball with his head and Kvaskhvadze saved the goal of Dinamo with a brilliant jump. Dinamo went on the attack and this time, Luka Sherozia saved his team. Kutsia’s shot from close range was miraculously repulsed by a Loco guard.



Dinamo Tbilisi was promoted at the 77th minute. Davit Skhirtladze finished the counterattack with a goal. Locomotive had little time left to save the game. However, instead of scoring, the goal was scored once more and Davit Skhirtladze showed himself again.



Locomotive moved with great force to attacks. Chiabrishvili's players tried to score from the wings, however, it did not bring results and, unfortunately, we lost much-needed points.





Locomotive 0:2 Dinamo Tbilisi (0:0)


Locomotive: Sherozia, Gureshidze, Andronikashvili, Gabadze, Ubilava (C), Shonia, Dartsmelia, Ulad Omar Imran (Kobakhidze 84), T. Kirkitadze (D. Kirkitadze 86), Gavashelishvili (Iakobidze 75), Sikharulidze




Warning: Dartsmelia, Sikharulidze, Gabadze



Head coach - Giorgi Chiabrishvili

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