Loco’s comeback – 3 points of great value

Loco’s comeback – 3 points of great value

Loco’s comeback – 3 points of great value

After losing in 3 consecutive matches in Erovnuli Liga, “Locomotive” succeeded to gain victory on their own field and earned 3 points. The team, trained by Levan Korghalidze, defeated “Torpedo Kutaisi” – 2:0, collected 40 points and replaced the Kutaisian club, possessing the same amount of points, on the 4th place on the league table.

The match turned out to be quite tensed, however, from the very beginning, it was obvious that the Tbilisians were attacking more aggressively. The first dangerous moment was created when Beqa Dartsmelia stole the ball from the defenders of the rivals and was left face to face with the keeper, but his shot hit Kvaskhvadze. After that, there was a pass from the wing by Gabadze and Injgia’s attempt to give an effective shot but it did not work out as the performer wanted.


The half was coming to the end, but, in fact, the match was proceeding on the side of the Kutaisians only. At the 39th minute, Kirkitadze threw the ball over Kvaskhvadze, coming out of the door, but the defender managed to retrieve it from the door line; Injgia was not able to play within the additional time.


As for the goal, it was scored a minute after this episode. Ubilava’s pass from the wing was received by Kirkitadze in a distant corner and he opened the score with a header.



Just in a minute after the scoring, the players of “Locomotive” were given one more real chance to score. Rezi Injgia was left face to face with the keeper, however, similarly to Dartsmelia’s episode, Kvaskhvadze managed to save his team one more time.


At the beginning of the second half, the match was interrupted for a while, as Nika Chanturia got a head injury in a fierce struggle against the striker of “Torpedo”, trying to take the ball away from him, as a result, the sports physicians had to enter the field.



At the 54th minute, Kirkitadze succeeded to perform double and thus advanced his time once again. Kvaskhvadze came out of the door to get the ball passed by Gvalia from the penalty zone, however, he was knocked down by his defender – Tsotne Nadaraia and thus he accidentally dropped the ball which came to Kirkitadze, being nearby, so the winger of the Tbilisians rolled it into the empty door leisurely – 2:0.



After the second goal, Loco became a little more relaxed, which gave the way to the rivals to carry out their strikes, however, the defenders of the Tbilisians came to be accurate and persistant. Despite the absence of any real threats, Buliskeria still had to save his door just once, when he repelled a penalty kick by Tsotne Mosiashvili.

“Torpedo” had no way to retreat. The players of “Locomotive” took advantage of that and carried out some dangerous strikes. The substitute, Davit Jiqia, had a very good chance to net the third goal. He tried to score a header getting a pass from Kirkitadze, but the ball was shot directly towards the hands of Kvaskhvadze.


Locomotive 2:0 Torpedo

Locomotive: Buliskeria, Gureshidze, Chanturia, Ubilava ©, Gabadze, Shonia, Gvalia, Dartsmelia (Samurkasovi 89), D. Kirkitadze, Injgia (Shekiladze 83), Sikharulidze (jiqia 81)

Scorings: Kirkitadze (40, 54)


Yellow Card: Shonia

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